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3-D Three Dial Universal Skate Holder


Wissota's 3-D Skate Holder is the most durable, accurate, and USER FRIENDLY skate holder on the market, which can be used for any Wissota machine and most other brands as well (please contact us for specific compatibility questions). Specifically designed for Hockey Skates.


100% Made in the USA

The “Half Turn Quick Release” skate clamp has unsurpassed holding power and it is not fooled by skates with blades of different thickness.

The upper and lower jaws are steel investment castings, and are designed so that skates can be checked in the holder for even edges without the need for a gauge (see “Even Edges”).

The three dial positioning system is infinitely adjustable. The dials have magnetic labels that can be positioned to show a “ZERO” setting, and they can be locked in place. The dial labels allow an operator to keep VISUAL track of any changes. If a change becomes permanent, the labels can be repositioned to read ZERO at that new position.

Easily replaceable felt wear pads are on the bottom of the skate holder.

The 3-D Three Dial Skate Holder comes standard with all new machines.

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions11 x 8 x 6 in
  1. Easy

    Once this holder is tuned to center its so easy to make those minute centering changes. I’m able to make even edges with small, easy and more predictable adjustments than any paddle type holder on the market.

  2. Very Good Product

    I’m new to skate sharpening and buying the 911 recently and using the 3D dial is great. Looking at the older model of skate holders I am glad I started sharpening skates more recently as the control of the newer holder seems so much better. Being someone who likes to get things right, having the magnetic dial markers makes it easy to have exacting control over the holder. Bottom line, a very good product.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with this skate holder. The initial setup was very easy and making adjustments is even easier. It glides very well on the skate sharpener surface and makes a nice, smooth pass every time. The clamp makes the steel feel very secure on the holder.

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