911 “Clean” Skate Sharpener

From: $1,300.00

Wissota 911 Skate Sharpener is a commercial grade portable skate sharpener made 100% in the USA. Proven to give you even edges every time right from home, “The Wissota Way.”


  • 911 Machine
  • 3-D Three Dial Skate Holder
  • 1 80 Grit Pink Wheel, 1 Diamond Dresser
  • Instructional Manuals (video can be seen below)
  • Dust Hood

Features and Specifications



  • Sharpen to any radius
  • Works on Hockey, Figure, and Goalie skates
  • Built for commercial use, but priced for residential use
  • Easy enough for ANYONE to operate
Weight95 lbs
Dimensions27 x 20 x 12 in
  1. Awesome

    I have had my Wissota Skate sharpener for about 14 years now with no problems! Works great! I have saved so much time and money by doing my own skates along with all of the kids skates as they have grown up! Awesome Machine! Extremely Reliable!

  2. (verified owner)

    A Great Package – Very Glad I Purchased It!

    First of all, 911 machine without the dust hood is a very nice set up. I am a beginner at sharpening but I studied many videos and much documentation before purchasing. Lots of documentation is provided with the machine as well. Within the first few sharpenings I was feeling very comfortable.

    This specific package with the dust hood is great. I already reviewed the dust hood separately and mentioned in detail how much I like it and why. Bottom line, it works as designed and has a nice hose connector underneath making it great for either home use or a shop. Since the stone spins in one direction, the dust always goes in the direction of the hood. It has to be the top 1 or 2 accessories available for this machine! Very glad I purchased this package.

    It is truly fun to sharpen my son’s skates. Not to mention it relieves the worry of when, where and how good is the next sharpening going to be!

    Made in U.S.A. machine and accessories is the icing on the cake!

  3. Pleasantly Surprised on Ease of Use

    I assumed the machine would be well designed and built, and it is. It’ll last forever, and the 3D skate holder takes any guesswork out of the process.

    What I didn’t expect was how easy it would be to sharpen the skates, with good results, right from the get go. Watch the video, checkout the “Understanding Skate Sharpening” on this site, skim through the instructions, set your machine up, set up the skate holder, and go. With zero practice, I sharpened my skates & my three kids skates and the blades look and feel great (& even!).

    I debated about paying for the dust hood, but glad I did after seeing how much stuff it collected after just four light sharpenings. I’ll be hooking it up to my shop vac & it’ll make for much nicer (& cleaner) setup in my workshop.


    I’ve had my Wissota skate sharpener for about 2-1/2 years and it has paid for itself at least twice over. It’s a great machine… very easy to use and produces a high quality edge. Wissota customer service is excellent too.

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