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Our new revolutionary, patent pending SPEED SKATE tool allows you maximize the speed of your skates by reducing friction between your blades and the ice.  This tool has been scientifically tested to increase the glide distance of your skate blade by up to 100% (depending on prior blade finish), and tested in a pro shop for 2 years with nothing but positive results!


SPEED SKATE is for any competitive hockey player looking to increase the glide and speed of their skates.  Players that will see the biggest benefit are those that are receiving a skate sharpening with less than ideal blade finish, but even blades perfectly sharpened on a Wissota machine will see an increase in glide as well.


Our precisely machined tool contains a patent pending material that buffs and polishes the bottom of the skate blade WITHOUT dulling the edges since the material is soft enough to conform to the hollow of your skate blade, yet abrasive enough to remove roughness.  When polishing, the SPEED SKATE tool removes poor finish and roughness from the bottom of the skate blade caused by either skating or less than ideal skate sharpening.


Make approximately 25 strokes (back and forth) along the length of the blade using water as a lubricant. Simply dip SPEED SKATE in a cup of water or get wet under a faucet to polish the bottom of a newly sharpened skate. Rinse SPEED SKATE with water after every use. It can also be used dry when in a hurry, but be sure to rinse and clean with water to maintain polishing effectiveness. SPEED SKATE will load up if used dry too many times and will need to be rinsed with water.

Wissota Speed Skate


Using a custom-built skate sled and ramp to simulate one consistent skating stride, we were able to measure the exact benefits of SPEED SKATE.  We measured the skate sled glide distance of skate blades sharpened with a poor finish before and after using SPEED SKATE, and skate blades sharpened with a near perfect finish before and after using SPEED SKATE.  What we found is that SPEED SKATE provides the greatest glide increase to skate blades with a prior less than ideal finish (a 100% increase in glide!).  While the increase in glide was less significant for skate blades sharpened with a near perfect finish to begin with (an increase of over 5%),  it can be tough to sharpen a near perfect finish without the proper Wissota tools and know-how, so odds are the benefit will be greater for the average player.


No matter what kind of blade finish you may be currently getting, SPEED SKATE should be used by every player to increase glide and speed, and reduce on-ice fatigue.


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