911 FIGURE Skate Sharpener 100-Grit Blue Grinding Wheel Stone


FOR FIGURE SKATES ONLY (carbon steel skate blades)

The 100 grit Blue Grinding Wheel Stone is designed specifically for Carbon Steel Figure Skate Blades. Please note that this is a very soft wheel and WILL NOT hold up very well with stainless steel hockey blades and should not be used for this purpose. Because this wheel is so soft it will not last as long as our other wheels, and will need to be re-dressed more frequently.


All Wissota grinding wheels are hand balanced and side finished to remove any wobble. You can find wheels with different grinding properties than ours, but you will not find a better running wheel! Dimensions: 7″ X 3/8″ X 1/2″

Weight1.25 lbs
Dimensions7 x 7 x .25 in

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