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911 “Deluxe” Skate Sharpener

From: $1,475.00

Wissota 911 Skate Sharpener is a commercial grade portable skate sharpener made 100% in the USA. Proven to give you even edges every time right from home, “The Wissota Way.”


  • 911 Machine
  • 3-D Three Dial Skate Holder
  • 1 80 Grit Pink Wheel, 1 Diamond Dresser
  • Instructional Manuals (video can be seen below)
  • Dust Hood
  • Pedestal Stand

Features and Specifications



  • Sharpen to any radius
  • Works on Hockey, Figure, and Goalie skates
  • Built for commercial use, but priced for residential use
  • Easy enough for ANYONE to operate


Weight100 lbs
Dimensions30 x 23 x 20 in
  1. Best Purchase

    This machine is the best purchase I’ve ever made as a hockey parent. It has saved me so much time and money over the years, and allowed me to guarantee my kids have perfect edges. Well worth it!

  2. Your (or your kids) success in skating DEPENDS on sharp skates!

    Let me start by stating I purchased a used 17 year old Wissota 911 on a famous online auction site that was in good condition. After some clean up and fine tuning of all adjustment points it was good as new. THAT is a testament to how well Wissota makes these machines! And that they haven’t changed the overall design (some very minor changes) in all these years because there is no need to change perfection! Take comfort in knowing that Wissota’s tech support (thank you Colin!) is very patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. Parts are readily available if an event occurs where you need a repair//replacement (a benefit of not changing design after all these years). The convenience alone of being able to sharpen your skates at your leisure is a blessing (sometimes I can’t sleep and sharpen My GIRLS skates at 2 AM!) Another benefit that most are not aware of and could be costly, is being able to change your radius to maximize the skater’s ability. When My GIRLS started playing hockey they started with 1/2″, but had difficulty learning to hockey stop. I knew from experience that I myself when I was younger, after having my skates sharpened, that they were TOO sharp and would bang them on the boards until they were slightly dull enough to hockey stop! I know, a waste of a sharpening. But now I could simply change their radius to a slightly larger one and still have sharp edges. So I went up to 5/8″ and sent them out. Way too slippery for them since they don’t weigh that much. But now here’s the beauty of owning your own sharpener: I came down slightly to 9/16″ and THAT was the sweet spot! They were able to stop with NO difficulties! OVERNIGHT! And because of the shallower hollow….they gained SPEED! With just a change in radius overnight they were able to skate faster and stop LATER! And in the game of hockey, THAT gets you TO the puck! For a young skater a real boost in ability and confidence! But, like I said, without having your own sharpener, most people would NOT go back and forth to the pro shop to do this because of all the time and expense.
    Giving yourself or your kids the ablity to go ALL OUT with confidence WILL change the rate at which your improve!

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This was a great purchase should have bought one years ago. After frustration of bad sharping at the local shop I now have confidence in my edges while playing men’s league 2-3 times a week. Easy to lean and use.

    • Thanks for the endorsement and we appreciate the business.

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