Elite 3-D Universal Figure Skate Holder


Wissota’s 3-D Elite Figure Skate Holder is the most durable, accurate, and USER FRIENDLY skate holder on the market, which can be used for ANY machine. Specifically designed for Figure Skates.


100% Made in the USA

  • Fits ALL sizes of figure skate blades, child through adult.
  • Locates and clamps across the blade stanchions so that even tapered side honed blades can be held accurately and consistently.
  • Bottom jaw is a steel investment casting for extreme durability.  Top jaw is a brass investment casting to hold high-end skates without scratching the chrome plating.
  • Easily replaceable Felt Wear Pads for smooth glide.

NOTE: The MK/Wilson “Revolution” style blades with the carbon fiber blade holders will fit perfectly in our standard 3-D Three Dial Skate Holder.  They will not fit into the Elite Figure Skate Holder.

If figure skate sharpening is your specialty, this is THE holder.

If you are a volume sharpening shop, you should have two separate skate holders; one set up for hockey skates, and one set up for figure skates.  This way you avoid set-up time and any possible set-up errors going back and forth between (thin) hockey skate blades and (thick) figure skate blades.

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions11 x 11 x 6 in

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